Project Description


Our approach is to make our clients’ homes feel completely integrated with the landscape. The landscape, which surrounds the house, should support the architecture and strengthen it. Our job is to compile the goals of the homeowner, understand the property, and work with the homeowner to come up with a landscape design and plan that addresses all of these issues.

We understand and use basic principles such as balance, texture, symmetry or asymmetry, rhythm, etc. More importantly, we have the artistic eye that is needed to use the concepts to make your landscape shine. As designers and installers, we have the ability to design and implement beautiful outdoor environments. No matter what, we always design with the idea of providing interest throughout the landscape in all seasons, even the winter.

We also believe that it is possible and our responsibility to minimize water use in the landscape as much as possible. We try to educate each homeowner on ways they can be water conscious.

Finally, we know that people and families are busy these days so we design and implement all of the above practices with low maintenance in mind. Selecting the correct plants and using them in the right places will make a huge difference in the work it takes to maintain the landscape over time. We are ready to listen and come up with a landscape that is perfectly suited for you!

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