Project Description

Our approach is to make our clients’ homes feel completely integrated with the landscape. The landscape, which surrounds the house, should support the architecture and strengthen it. Our job is to compile the goals of the homeowner, understand the property, and work with the homeowner to come up with a landscape design and plan that addresses all of these issues.

We understand and use basic principles such as balance, texture, symmetry or asymmetry, rhythm, etc. More importantly, we have the artistic eye that is needed to use the concepts to make your landscape shine. As designers and installers, we have the ability to design and implement beautiful outdoor environments. No matter what, we always design with the idea of providing interest throughout the landscape in all seasons, even the winter.

We also believe that it is possible and our responsibility to minimize water use in the landscape as much as possible. We try to educate each homeowner on ways they can be water conscious.

Finally, we know that people and families are busy these days so we design and implement all of the above practices with low maintenance in mind. Selecting the correct plants and using them in the right places will make a huge difference in the work it takes to maintain the landscape over time. We are ready to listen and come up with a landscape that is perfectly suited for you!

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Your Content Goes HereLandscaping design is both an art and a science. To create a perfect blending of the landscape with your home and property, working with the professionals at Grounded Landscape Designs is the first step. In addition to design, we also complete installation of landscaping, hardscaping, patios, decks, water features, and outdoor kitchens and living space.
It is helpful to know what features and design styles you want for your yard. Browsing around online is an easy way to look at thousands of different features and choose the ones that appeal to you. Then, our designer can work with your ideas to create a beautiful space.
Using natural materials for all structures and design elements in the landscaping is an effective way to create a very soothing and natural look. Choose wood for structures and stones and natural colors for pavers and patio areas. Using native plants and hardy perennials that do well in this climate helps to quickly grow the landscaping and add to the overall look.
Generally, in this area, lawns only need watering in the spring and summer growing season. Most lawns will require about an inch of water a week, which can be added in two half-inch waterings per week from May through October. Once the grass is no longer growing, which is typically the end of October, watering is not required.
The best time of the year to landscape is the early spring. This allows the plants and lawn a full growing season before the winter months.
The size of the property and the features you want to include in the landscaping impact the cost. The types and numbers of plants selected are also factors to consider.
We recommend choosing classic and timeless designs for your home. Trendy landscaping designs can quickly make your home look dated, but classic designs are always popular.