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What Is an Outdoor Grilling Station?

Grilling stations are defined as an outdoor cabinet with a countertop that allows for some counter space for a grill to be inset. The shape and configuration of a outdoor grilling station is often determined by the amount of counter space needed and the amount of storage that is desired. The lower cabinet structure is typically built with stone. However, other materials such as wood and metal can be used to create the grilling cabinet. If a homeowner is interested, doors can be incorporated for hidden storage. The countertop is also typically a stone material, although other options are available.

The grilling area may be covered with a structure such as a pergola or a roof structure for those grilling enthusiasts that grill all year round. In general, an outdoor grilling station is a simplified outdoor kitchen, as it does not have all of the specialty appliances and a sink like typical outdoor kitchens.  We can design outdoor grilling stations to meet the needs of any homeowner.

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