Project Description


Most people that live in Colorado are residents because they love being outside.  Outdoor living areas support the idea of creating personalized spaces for people to spend time outside.  It is not just a patio or a pergola or a grill – it encompasses the entire landscape and how all of the pieces work together to create an environment that contributes to a greater quality of life.

At Grounded Landscape designs, we strive to craft these outdoor spaces with amazing craftsmanship and care.  We know that our work is done well because we hear stories from clients who are creating specials memories in the spaces we have built for them.  We consider that to be the greatest compliment!  Our team is here to help design and build outdoor spaces that include more comprehensive designs which include elements such as outdoor kitchens, outdoor dining areas, patios, grilling areas, lounge areas, fireplaces, and water features.  We are ready to help you get outside!

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