4-Hour Residential Landscape Design Consultation

We provide a unique Four Hour Residential Landscape Design Consultation because we have seen a great need from homeowners who are seeking a professional to help because they can’t visualize the potential of what their yard can become.  This consultation provides an affordable option to receive advice and a conceptual design.  Scott, the lead designer, meets on site with the homeowner to walk the property to understand project goals, site constraints and potential opportunities.  From there, Scott will walk through photographs of built projects.  This allows the homeowner to mark images they like and identify what kinds of things they want to incorporate into their residential landscape design plan.  It also gives Scott a chance to understand what styles and design features the homeowner prefers so that he can customize the design based on their style.  Finally, he uses the remainder of the time to complete a concept plan within the four hour time window.  Once the design is complete the homeowner gets to keep the design with no strings attached.

The consultation is perfect for those who identify with one or more of these statements:

  • I want to phase in my landscape over time for affordability. Having a plan allows the homeowner or a contractor to install specific elements in stages.
  • I have some ideas for my landscaping but can’t visualize how all of the individual pieces should fit together to achieve an overall plan.
  • I want to retrofit my existing yard by adjusting garden beds, removing turf, adding new plants and trees, adding a patio and fire pit, etc.
  • I am a do-it-yourselfer but need a plan to work from.
  • A landscape design will help me get an accurate bid so that I can understand the cost to implement my landscaping project.
  • I want to hire a passionate designer that will focus on my needs and not produce a cookie-cutter design.
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The fee for receiving an initial concept sketch is $325 and will be provided at the conclusion of the meeting.

Grounded Landscape Designs can use this four hour conceptual plan to provide an initial estimate for construction.  However, the plan and the estimate are only intended for use at a conceptual level.  Further design may be needed, depending on the complexity of the project, to complete a more accurate cost estimate.

Landscape Design

It is easy to overlook the importance of good landscape design and what value that can bring to a homeowner. As a landscape designer, Scott’s job is to make sure he listens and understands all of the goals of each homeowner. It is one thing to sit and talk about a list of items but something completely different to compile those into tangible elements on a designed landscaping plan. By working through the landscape design and putting all of the thoughts and ideas on paper it helps ensure that all goals are met. It also confirms that the homeowner and the designer are on the same page.

For Scott, the owner, and lead designer, it’s his personal responsibility to make a meaningful impact on the lives of each homeowner. It is not about just making someone’s yard look “pretty”. There is a bigger mission to improve the quality of life. A good landscape design should balance beauty, smart water usage, and the practical ways in which people use their yards. At the end of the day, the opportunities are endless but if these criteria are not met it has failed.

Our full landscape design offering is more comprehensive than the four-hour workshop. Most clients need guidance with plants and material selections. We start with an initial meeting on the property to define goals and take measurements. A preliminary design is prepared in the office and reviewed with the homeowner on the property. Any feedback from the homeowner is incorporated into a final design. The final landscape plan shows and labels all hardscape areas, new and existing landscape beds, pathways, decks, water features, etc. This plan is also to scale and can be used to prepare an estimate. We provide free estimates if a homeowner wants an idea about installation cost. The plan shows and labels all plants. There is an accompanying plant legend which shows all plant names. This plan can be taken to a nursery for assistance gathering plants and trees.


We have a very diverse group of employees with over 50 years of combined experience. This allows us to implement complicated and customized projects based on the specific project needs. Our craftsmanship shows on each project and ensures the highest quality. Since we are in control during the design and installation process we can make sure the original goals and vision are met.