Project Description

While Colorado has its wet seasons, drought is a common problem at specific times of the year. Grounded Landscape Designs specializes in drought-tolerant landscape design to ensure your yard looks fantastic, even when you can’t water it as often. We can recommend the best drought-tolerant native plants or low water plants that thrive in a dry environment and will create a beautiful low-maintenance yard that will look amazing, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Being Smart With Water Usage in Your Landscape

Droughts often mean restrictions on water usage, including watering your lawn and garden. With drought-tolerant landscaping in Fort Collins, CO, you won’t have to worry about whether your low-maintenance landscaping will survive through the dry conditions. You can provide them with minimal water, or none at all, and still count on a beautiful yard you can enjoy. We will listen to the goals of each homeowner and create a plant list that makes sense for them.  Sometimes that means removing all turf to create a drought-tolerant landscape that won’t need as much water to maintain health.  We can supply the appropriate amount of water to each plant and tree through an automatic drip irrigation system.  That way each individual plant in the landscape gets exactly what it needs and not too much.

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