Pergolas might come in a range of sizes and styles, but they share the same purpose. These are simple structures that transform your backyard and change it into a space you love. They protect the people from harsh weather elements. They also improve the quality of the outdoor living experience by offering your patio or deck a great visual appeal.

Why you need a pergola

The purposes of a pergola are numerous, but here are some common ways to use these structures.

• Creating a shade

Pergolas aren’t designed to block sunlight entirely but to offer relief from direct sun rays while letting air circulate. While the beam of the roofing will offer partial shade, you can grow plants on top and add a bamboo cover to build a shaded space. Besides, you can put sheer curtains, fence panels, or trellis to the sides if you want them enclosed.

• Extending your living space

Outdoor dining is an excellent experience, especially in summer. However, the extra shelter might be needed on sunny days. A pergola over the patio or deck offers an intimate dining space, adding a luxurious touch to garden parties or even simple al fresco meals.

• Creating a green screen

Single pergolas can be utilized anywhere in the garden to build a partition, like a trellis. You can add wires to assist your plants in growing, which will offer you a luscious divider that adds shade and privacy. It also encourages wildlife.

• Adding partitions 

Splitting the garden makes it more manageable. You might want to differentiate one part of the garden from the other, maybe to create unique themes in your garden, separate dining and seating areas, or other functional purposes. For instance, you can install a single pergola with a gate and trellis panels to create a swimming pool boundary and improve safety for kids and dogs.

• Combine it with other structures

You can use your pergola to lead to other structures, such as gazebos or verandas. You can as well use it as your lead to the solitary gazebo from the back door, forming an attractive outdoor living space in Fort Collins, CO. Irrespective of your decision, remember that this flexible structure doesn’t need to be on its own. It works best when mixed with other designs.

Pergolas are simple yet beautiful structures that add curb appeal to a backyard. Transform your outdoor space and create a beautiful living area where you can relax and unwind or entertain your guests and family.