Residential Design & Installation

One question we receive often is, “What makes you different than all of the other landscape companies?” Here is the answer. We provide many services with in-house installers. However, we purposely sub-contract more specialized features to our trusted sub-contractors. In other words, we don’t offer all of our services in house. Why? This philosophy allows us to get competitive bids on the most expensive landscape elements. Any sub-contracted elements can be awarded to the lowest bidding contractor because we know them and can trust the quality of their work. This allows us to customize the installation team based on project needs. Additionally, the end result is extremely professional because every sub-contractor providing services is an expert in their particular industry. Bids can be evaluated equally because each contractor is looking at the same design. This flexibility during the bidding process saves the client money while ensuring the highest quality. Whether we are installing everything or managing sub-contractors we have control to make sure the original vision is met.

Services for a Renovation or New Construction

  • 4-Hour Design Workshop
  • Phasing Plans and Cost Estimates
  • Pergolas and Decks
  • Fire Pits and Patios
  • 3D Concept Models
  • Xeriscape Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Design Plans for HOA’s
  • Water Features
  • Clean-ups for House Sale and Rentals
  • Stone and Soft Surface Pathways
  • Stone and Block Walls

4 Hour Design Consultation

The workshop is geared for a homeowner who is not satisfied with their existing yard yet can’t figure out what to do. It is perfect for new construction or landscape renovations. First, we look at the existing landscape and architecture to identify opportunities and constraints. Then we talk with the homeowner to identify their goals. Finally, we take measurements and compile everything to integrate all of the thoughts and ideas into a concept plan. What makes us unique is that we provide this concept in the form of a four-hour workshop. The main goal of the workshop is to work with you to achieve a design which organizes all of the elements, as defined in the interview, into a concept sketch. We do this all on site so you receive the sketch in the four hour time block before we leave. The plan is to scale and can be measured accurately. A homeowner can use this plan to install on their own or we can use it to prepare an estimate. This gives the homeowner ultimate flexibility to get the greatest value for their money.

Landscape Design

This plan is more comprehensive than the four-hour workshop. Most clients need guidance with plants and material selections. We start with an initial meeting on the property to define goals and take measurements. A preliminary design is prepared in the office and reviewed with the homeowner on the property. Any feedback from the homeowner is incorporated into a final design. The final landscape plan shows and labels all hardscape areas, new and existing landscape beds, pathways, decks, water features, etc. This plan is also to scale and can be used to prepare an estimate. We provide free estimates if a homeowner wants an idea about installation cost. The plan shows and labels all plants. There is an accompanying plant legend which shows all plant names. This plan can be taken to a nursery for assistance gathering plants and trees.


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