4-Hour Design Consultation

This service is unique to Grounded Landscape Designs. We specialize in design and offer this consultation because we have seen a great need from homeowners who simply can’t visualize the potential of what their yard can become. I meet you on site, conduct an interview and complete a concept plan before the conclusion of the meeting. Once the design is complete there are no strings attached. The workshop is perfect for you if you identify with one or more of these statements:


  • I want to phase in my landscape over time for affordability. Having a plan allows the homeowner or a contractor to install specific elements in stages.
  • I have some ideas but can’t visualize how all of the individual pieces should fit together to achieve an overall plan
  • I want to retrofit my existing yard by adjusting beds, removing turf, adding new plants and trees, etc.
  • I am a do-it-yourselfer but need a plan to work from.
  • A design will help me get more objective bids from contractors so that I can compare apples to apples.
  • I want to hire a passionate designer that will focus on my needs and not produce a cookie-cutter design.

The fee for receiving an initial concept sketch is $200 and will be provided at the conclusion of the meeting.


Phone Number :- 970-420-6022
Email Id :- scott@groundedlandscapedesigns.com